Mudgeeraba Home Mechanical Polish

Elite Concrete Floors recently completed a challenging project at a high end home in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. The task was to grind the floors of this Gold Coast home, fully exposing its aggregate, executing a mechanical polish so that the floor blends in with the pristine finish of the home’s interior.

Upon arrival, we discovered that the existing flooring would not give the results the client desired. Slate tiles were removed to reveal the concrete underneath, which necessitated the removal of a layer of glue as well. Since the slate was laid in tiles, their removal left faint lines in the concrete beneath. This would either leave a “ghosting” effect after the smoothing and polishing or require us to remove too much of the existing concrete. After much consideration, it seemed too risky to proceed to work on the old layer.

This meant we had to pour new concrete on top of the existing layer, giving us a suitable surface to work on. A full aggregate concrete was chosen to provide an interesting patterning to the final finish. The floor was 182 square meters in total across the living room, hall, kitchen, and several other rooms, and we were determined to achieve a beautiful mechanical polish finish for the client.

The grinding stage is often the most difficult part of the process. It is however, the foundations of a mechanical polish, we had to get it right the first time. We completed it with a series of grinding tools and planetary grinders. In this case, the unusually thin layer of concrete we added provided a delicate surface to work with. Our experienced operators took the decision to start slower than usual. Where we might normally be tempted to jump straight to a higher grit of diamonds, such as using the 60 or 120 grit, for this job we began with the 30 grit diamonds, slowly revealing the aggregate beneath the concrete’s top layers.

The team then applied grout to cover up the pinholes within the revealed aggregate surface to ensure a smooth finish and a consistent look. Once the holes were filled, we moved to higher grit diamonds, further smoothing out the surface.

For the final step to the process, the team delivered a Platinum-level HTC Superfloor mechanical polish, achieving the perfect shine. The team worked carefully, using the 50, 100, 200, and 400 grit polishing pads, ensuring every square meter was covered before moving onto the next grit of pads.

When the client saw the finished floor, they were over the moon.  At Elite Concrete Floors, we’re always happy when our clients discover the unexpected beauty and functionality of mechanical polished concrete floors. Our Mudgeeraba commission proved no exception.

The team was extremely happy with the outcome of this job. It demonstrates how the twenty years of experience shared by the company’s three founders contribute to our ability to solve even the most unexpected challenges.

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