Hospitals and Medical Care Flooring

For Elite Hospitals and Medical Care Floors

Made with Attention to Detail

When it comes to hospitals and medical care floors, we know. We know that cleanliness and safety are the key components of floors in a medical environment.

When devising our flooring solutions for hospitals, we always consider foot traffic, health and safety requirements and the best flooring for patients in care.


Let Us Care For You

What’s the  perfect flooring for hospitals and medical care floors? 

Ours,  of course. Elite epoxy floors are done by Elite Concrete Floors.

Our durable epoxy coating with non-slip provides the perfect balance between these two components, being easy clean and hard to slip and fall.

High slip safety means higher safety for patients and staff. 

In environments where cleanliness is key, easy to clean surfaces are not only life savers but essential for the most effective care for patients.


Floors Made to Work

Want the most effective hospital grade flooring of any hospitals and medical care floors?

The durability and flexibility of epoxy makes it the most robust and widely used commercial flooring solution.

Smooth, shiny – our epoxy is seriously strong stuff. 


Choose the Best – Choose Elite

For hospitals and medical care floors – Don’t choose just good, go elite with Elite Concrete Floors.

Our epoxy flooring meets all standards for cleanliness and will provide the best foundation for the best care and service. 

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