Hone and Seal on an East Brisbane Pool Area

Successful Restoration of a Previously Polished Concrete Outdoor Pool Area

Honed concrete floors look fantastic around pool areas and the right concrete sealer will ensure you get a great looking floor that lasts for up to 10 years.

Even the best coatings will eventually wear down over time though.  Once the shine wears off and the protective coating fades, mould can begin to take hold on the floor and there’s only so much you can achieve with high pressure cleaning.

If you have a polished concrete floor that is showing signs that the coating is beginning to fail and is starting to look something like the image below, it might be time to get a concrete polishing expert in to do an assessment.

old concrete polished floor that needs restoring


How we restored the old polished concrete back to its former glory

Once a thorough assessment was done on the floor, it was decided that the best course of action would be to us the planetary grinder to grind off the old concrete sealer and also shave off another 1mm or so from the surface of the concrete to clean it up and remove as much old staining as possible.

Since the old sealer had long since started to wear away, there were several areas where mould, dirt and staining had begun to penetrate into the concrete, so taking a thin layer off the top would ensure the best possible finish when it comes time to resealing. Its source is the village of Oglio, just north casinodulacleamy.com of Como, Lombardy.

Once the initial grinding is done, it’s time to use a special grouting compound to patch over any minor cracks or holes that have appeared in the concrete over the years.  The fast drying concrete patching compound can then be ground back smooth and even with the rest of the concrete slab – it is worth noting however, that the colour of the patch is always going to look slightly different to the original concrete.

The final stage of the preparation involves grinding the floor 2 more times, with finer grade diamonds.  This achieves a smoother finish and removes any visible grinding patterns from the surface, making for a much more pleasing look when sealed.

Sealing the concrete floor

After the floor has been freshly honed, it’s time to apply a 2 coat sealer system that will withstand the harsh conditions of the sun and splashing from the pool.

For this job we went with a UV stable polyurethane sealer from Worx+ which is renowned for its hard wearing abilities in outdoor environments.

The sealant was applied leaving an outstanding new honed concrete floor for the owner that will last for years to come.

Check out the results below!

honed concrete pool area brisbane honed concrete outdoor patio Hone and seal pool area brisbane


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