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We offer concrete polishing services to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t compromise on quality and you want an outstanding looking floor that will stand the test of time…

Look no further than an Elite mechanically polished concrete Floor!

htc superfloor polished concrete

What is mechanically polished concrete?

Mechanically polished concrete refers to a polished concrete floor that has undergone a series of grinding, chemical treatment and polishing processes to create the most durable, low maintenance floor money can buy.

Unlike a “Grind and Seal” which creates a shiny effect on the concrete from clear coatings applied to the surface, mechanically polished concrete has no topical coating and it is the concrete itself which shines.

This makes the mechanical polish the best long term solution for indoor areas as there is no coating on the surface of the floor that needs to be replaced over time.

To polish a concrete floor, large industrial sized grinders and polishers are brought to site to carry out the process that typically involves removing the first 1-5mm of cement from the surface of the slab – revealing the aggregate inside – before chemically hardening it, smoothing it out, sealing it and carrying out up 7 levels of polishing processes to achieve the desired level of gloss.


What Will Your Polished Concrete Floor Look Like?

Polishing Existing Concrete Slabs

If you’re polishing an old or existing concrete slab, then the final look will be dependant on the colour of cement and type of aggregate used at the time of pouring.

Though you don’t have control over this, it can be quite exciting to discover what hidden treasures are inside your slab with many older concrete slabs containing a gorgeous variety of stone and river pebbles, with bluechip stone being the most common aggregate used in modern day slabs.

Check out our portfolio to see many examples of concrete polishing jobs we’ve completed around Brisbane and The Gold Coast.

Polished Concrete at Alltech Shed
Mixed Aggregate
high gloss polished concrete floor in Brisbane
Blue Chip Aggregate

Polishing New Concrete Slabs

When planning to polish a new concrete slab before the pour, you have the additional option of creating a “custom mix” of aggregate to choose the look and a style you want to achieve.  There are several concrete suppliers – such as Boral – that have a variety of designer aggregate mixes to choose from, which gives you a lot of versatility to match your new concrete floor to your space.

The team at Elite Concrete Floors can connect you with the right suppliers and work with you to help select the mix and concrete specifications that will ensure you get your dream floor.


Level of Aggregate Exposure 

Exposing the large aggregate stones requires a deep cut into the concrete slab, which is why these floors are the most expensive out of the options.

When working with nil or low exposure cuts – aka “salt and pepper” –  it’s essential that the concrete has been poured professionally and to specifications as there is no room for the grinding process to flatten out the slab or remove imperfections.

The images below illustrate the different levels of aggregate exposure possible for concrete polished floors.

Elite Concrete Flooring - Salt & Pepper - Texturised Polished Floor

Salt & Pepper

Elite Concrete Flooring - Medium Exposure - Texturized Polished Floor

Medium Exposure

Elite Concrete Flooring - Full Exporure - Texturized Polished Floor

Full Exposure

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