Concrete Polishing Portfolio

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Do you have a concrete polishing or epoxy flooring project coming up?

This is a small sample of concrete polishing projects from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.  To see more examples of our polished concrete, grind and seal and epoxy floor coatings, submit an enquiry below for a full information pack on our range of solutions for concrete floors.

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is created by grinding back the surface of ordinary concrete slabs using industrial concrete grinders to reveal the underlying aggregate before carrying out a series processes to refine, harden and polish the concrete to shine.  

To get a high grade polished concrete finish requires chemical hardening of the concrete, grouting of all the minute pinholes and imperfections before using a series of finer and finer polishing pads to refine and polish the surface of the concrete to the desired level of gloss.

Elite Concrete Floors specialise in HTC superfloors and use commercial sized HTC concrete grinders capable of grinding and polishing large areas of concrete efficiently in order to deliver your new concrete floor faster and with less down time to your home or business.