Concrete Polishing Brisbane – Case Study

Mechanical Concrete Polishing of Interior Floor Brisbane

A Brisbane home owner recently contacted Elite Concrete Floors for a quote to mechanically polish the interior of his living area.

He had always wanted a polished concrete floor, however had been told by several contractors that it wasn’t possible to polish the concrete slab which had been previously carpeted.

Elite Concrete Floors inspected the slab and came up with the following scope that would remove the existing adhesive glue from the surface of the concrete slab and polish it with full exposure of the aggregate.


  • Grind back concrete slab surface to full exposure of the aggregate using 30 grit diamonds
  • Smooth out scratches with by grinding the concrete with 60 grit diamonds
  • Densify the concrete floor with potassium to harden the surface.
  • Further smooth the concrete surface with 120 grit diamonds and grout imperfections and pinholes in the surface of the concrete
  • Polish the concrete floor with 100 grit resin pads
  • Polish the floor with 200 grit resin pads and further densify the concrete with lithium densifier
  • Polish the concrete floor with 400 and 800 grit resin pads.
  • Apply penetrating sealer and burnish the surface of the concrete slab to shine.

Photos of the incredible new mechanically polished concrete floor in the Brisbane home.

If you would like to know more about getting a polished concrete floor like this one, give us a call on 13 35 48 today!

polished concrete floor living area brisbane
polished concrete floor interior brisbane home

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