A tough job is a good job

It was a chilly Thursday afternoon that saw the Elite Concrete Flooring team wrapping up the long three-day job on a residential outdoor patio in North Brisbane. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from just after the first call. 

A few days later, we arrived on Tuesday at the scene, and took a survey of the slab we would be working with.  

Immediately following the initial assessment, we knew we were in for a big job.  

It became clear that whoever poured the original slab failed to aerate the concrete correctly, resulting in air pockets hiding underneath the surface. Faced with an uneven surface riddled with pin holes we had to prepare a significant amount of grout and then grind the surface back to true even finish. 

It was a tough job to take out the pin holes along the surface of the slab and some heavy-duty grout and grind patch work to even it all out. With the preparation of the slab done we were able to use our HTC concrete grinder to begin process of polishing two sections of the concrete to best suit the client’s needs in those areas of the property. 

All the concrete was treated with spill resistant coatings to prevent staining, so no matter the use – or the spill – they could continue to enjoy their new floor for years to come. Near the pool, the Elite Concrete team utilised a grind and seal approach and treated the newly evened surface with a grit based, non-slip coating to reduce the chances of a dangerous fall. Around and under the patio area we did a light polish after grinding down to a full aggregate exposure.  

A full aggregate exposure shows the entire range of pebbles and colour hidden inside your concrete and is what we use to bring to life your concrete slab. From truly drab to fab, the art is in the little details that we expose and polish to a fine finish. The result of our hard work will survive the harshest of Australian weather, rain or shine, and raise the total worth of the house.  

It may have been a tough, even tedious at times, job but the clients were happy with the end product and that made it all worth it. And who can blame them? It looks stunning, especially at sunrise or sunset.  

Not to mention, only a select few of renovations can not only fix your concrete floor but raise the overall value of your home so simply.  

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